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Penny is an artist, gardener and writer.

Hello Again

Back to my Blog!  I’ve missed it myself, though I wonder if anyone else has? It’s been “resting”- I only wish I had been too. This revival is due partly to the New Year, but also to the feeling that … Continue reading

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Old time is still a-flying

I’ve just returned from a cross country car journey. The countryside is looking gorgeous. Every verge and field-boundary is frothed with cow parsley. Every roundabout decorated by ox-eye-daisies and buttercups. Bright flashes of mustard-yellow charlock and campion in neon-pink light … Continue reading

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Treasured Plants

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my husband’s Aunty Jenny and her flower arrangement.  I now give you Aunt Kath’s Echeveria.  I don’t know its name, the leaves can be a bit scruffy, but it flowers, cheerfully and … Continue reading

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The Year Starts Here

It’s always an exciting moment when the ‘Yellow Book’ arrives through the post, and good to see that our entry for 2015 is there, in print (page 246, if you want to know).  We sent in our contribution in August … Continue reading

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Memories of a Maiden Aunt

Many years ago my husband Sandy and I paid a visit to his Scottish aunt.  Auntie Jenny was a large and formidable lady of trenchantly conservative opinions and a bit scary: it didn’t do to disagree.  One of her favourite … Continue reading

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A Bit Too Friendly?

We are constantly urged to make our gardens “wildlife friendly”. I’ve come to the conclusion that mine is too friendly by half! I’m happy to be friends with the birds, bees and butterflies (though maybe not the Cabbage Whites) but, … Continue reading

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Transformed by Snow

The garden in Winter has its charms, but the garden covered is snow is magical: it even smells and sounds quite different. This is when the architecture – the ‘bones of the garden’ – stands out with clarity. There is … Continue reading

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