Hello Again

Back to my Blog!  I’ve missed it myself, though I wonder if anyone else has? It’s been “resting”- I only wish I had been too. This revival is due partly to the New Year, but also to the feeling that the frantic Fa-la-la of Christmas is over for another year, thank heavens.

I’ve been reading my old posts, and have quite enjoyed doing so, (though perhaps I shouldn’t say that myself – but, then, why not?)

A while ago (May 2012) I wrote about my Aeonium tabulaeforme which flowered and then died: that’s what they do – they are ‘monocarpic’. But I soon discovered that they produce lots of seeds which germinate easily in gritty compost. It’s a wonderful plant when mature – a big rosette of leaves, almost as flat as a pancake.


Last year the same thing happened again, and consequently today I had a large seed pot full of baby Aeoniums, which were becoming overcrowded. I spent a happy half-hour potting them up individually. Some years ago I was given a lot of tiny clay pots and I wondered what to do with them: today I found out.

I now have ten plants in a slightly mis-matched set of pots grouped in an old wooden seed tray, and they should make a good show come the summer. Half dozen more were potted into plastic pots for spares/sales/give-aways.


I admire succulents and cacti for their geometric shapes and strange forms. We now have quite a selection, which inhabit a table in the garden every summer, and retire to the house and greenhouse for the winter. My husband began collecting these, but soon became bored with looking after them, so they became mine. One or two of the cacti have grown enormous and have to be taken out of the greenhouse very, very carefully every year.

A few months ago I responded to an appeal on Twitter for someone with such a collection to get in touch. One day, back in the Spring, I carted most of our plants into the house and had fun arranging them on our windowsills for a session with the writer Lea Leendertz and photographer (and general good egg) Mark Diacono. Together they have produced a beautiful book: ‘My Tiny Indoor Garden‘ which features our plants along with those of many other equally obsessive gardeners. It’s a pleasure to be part of it.

I shall now have to live up to an acquired reputation as the mad woman with all the prickly plants. Already I’ve been given another cactus, and I’ve been looking at nursery websites. I may have to get a bigger table…

4 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. I love Aeonium tabulaeforme and so does one of my granddaughters. We call them ‘splat plants’ because they look as though they’ve been splatted against a wall. Alas, my last one seeded but I have no seedlings. Usually, they pop up in the grit on the greenhouse staging, but not this time.

    1. I will remember that, Nigel – it will always be the ‘splat plant’ from now on. May I send you one of my spare plants? It’s good to hear from you, and many thanks for the information and entertainment I’ve enjoyed from you in the past. I hope that both our gardens will dry out sometime soon!

      1. You absolutely may. But only if you have plenty to spare. We had a beautiful day for gardening yesterday. The aconites are absolutely gorgous.

  2. Happy to do that – I have plenty. I will email you my address, so you can send me yours. And yes, everything is beginning to move at last.

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