Our first NGS opening this year…

…was last Sunday, 19th May.  My husband, Sandy, is a weather-forecast addict, and had been predicting gloom (if not doom) all week.  But in the end it was a pleasant day, with some sunshine.

We had spent a lot of time tidying up, planting things in gaps, and arranging a Great Dixter-ish collection of pots.  To my relief the tulips were still out and the early summer flowers were beginning to open.

We had 96 visitors!  As we didn’t have access to our usual parking field, we soon began to run out of space for cars and had to park them everywhere.  A bright red car ended up in front of my main group of tulip pots, which did nothing for the subtle colour scheme.  We had to draw on the reserve supplies of cake.

Six American/Canadian ladies arrived in a mini-bus.  They are spending 2 weeks touring the gardens of England, and when they saw out NGS yellow sign they insisted their driver should stop.  They were intrigued by the red-leaved Kale ‘Redbor’ which I have in two pots and is now adorned by spikes of yellow flowers.

I think I must have walked quite a few miles that day, and my legs are still recovering.  We had a great time and raised a useful sum for the NGS charities.

Many thanks to our great team of helpers!

Our NGS link.

Great Dixter-ish pots
Great Dixter-ish pots


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