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A Strange Enthusiasm

I never thought I would develop a fondness for a privet. I should explain that I grew up in the South London suburbs in the 1950s.  Privet was everywhere – the ultimate cheap fast hedge.  In that judgmental era, a … Continue reading

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Marks in the Snow

Snow has strange effects.  As it melts on our paving slabs it makes an interesting abstract pattern of circles.  Noughts-and-crosses without the crosses? Walking the dog by the river takes on added interest. There is always something to see, but … Continue reading

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Viola corsica

Suffering from cabin fever, I went over to the greenhouse, to see if there was anything that needed doing. Going into the greenhouse had been weird and strangely dark due to snow on the roof. But today the snow has … Continue reading

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Feed the Birds

It was my mother who started feeding the birds.  Too frail to cope any more on her own, she moved in with us, and immediately sent off for bird boxes and feeders of various kinds. The original feeders were soon … Continue reading

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Sedums in the Snow

The snow arrived, as predicted, yesterday morning. It’s tempting to be a bit blasé and seen-it-all before. But the magic transformation seduces me every time. Grandchildren arrived, excited by an unexpected day off school, and helped to clear the snow … Continue reading

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  Reviewing my blog posts for last year I see that back in May I wrote about my Aeonium that had decided to flower – and I promised to report back.  I’m sorry to have to say that it died, … Continue reading

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