The Cheek of It

Yesterday evening I was sitting at my desk, watching a rabbit in the garden. As we are surrounded by fields and open countryside we have to live with rabbits. I have surrounded the Kitchen Garden with chicken wire, to make a rabbit-free zone, but netting-off the entire garden is impractical.

One day I will write at length about how to cope with these annoying creatures.  It’s their unpredictability that causes the greatest irritation.  One year my Astrantias will be eaten to the ground, the next year they will be ignored.

The rabbit in question looked totally at home, licking it’s fur and indulging in a thorough pedicure just a couple of yards from the house.  I was convinced it was about to eat some tasty Red Orache plants – it was sitting right next to them – but it didn’t bother.  But something has chewed off the young shoots from a very poisonous Euphorbia nearby.

Utterly unpredictable!  Can you see it in the middle of the photograph?  It’s sitting on a low brick wall – I took the photo through my window.

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